Next Class: Pistols in Pennsylvania - April 11


Next Class Friday May 9th, 9 am – 5 pm
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We did it! Finally, after two years of talk, talk, and more talk… we did it. Up before the sun, we met on the mean streets and rented a van. We drove that van through the lightening gloam, racing the sun across the garden state of New Jersey. The sun got there first, but mere moments later the doors opened up and we piled out into a land where pistols roam free, and Americans own them. Or something like that… We didn’t all ride in the van of course. About half the team made their own way from all over the northeast, and thanks to Razorback Tactical Solutions and Instructors Alexander Platz and George Emanuel, we shot all day long. We had absolute beginners, and experienced shooters coming in for a tune-up. Tell me that ain’t cool! You can’t tell me that ain’t cool, because it was very cool! Don’t believe me? Check out some action shots!

Is Tarantino still making movies? Cuz, we like, got a guy…


Bad Larry ain’t so bad no more.


“Hey son, what say we skip school and go shoot guns?”
“Gee, I don’t know dad. Friday is pizza day.”


We were lucky enough to catch a sudden appearance of the rare Pennsylvania Yeti.


We started out inside.


Then moved it outside.


With everything under control on the line, George took the opportunity to work on his driver’s license.


Norman looking for something to shoot


P-Dog found him. “He’s hiding behind that piece of plywood!”


Dennis one-handing his personal flame-thrower. Show off.


Squad School, bringing New Yorkers together. Usually in another state.


These guys shoot pistols. Would you like to join them?


Of course you would.