Next Class: Pistols in Pennsylvania - April 11



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Squad School has moved some of our operations to Pennsylvania. We have teamed up with Alex Platz of Razorback Tactical to offer a new regimen of classes. Not only will we offer an Elite Survival, week-long wilderness and Field Craft class, but we will providing equipment, instruction and even transportation for those of you who live in New York City. About a dozen folks came out last year for out Pistols in Pennsylvania class. We will be doing this again. Also, planning a carbine class in a similar vein.

And of course we continue our Manhattan Marksmanship classes in coordination with Westside Rifle and Pistol. We’re also re-running our popular Tuff Turf Urban Awareness class in Brooklyn, and perhaps most interesting of all, an Urban Fieldcraft class for thinking outside the box in a Citified Grid-down situation. Come on out!

Pistols in Pennsylvania

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Manhattan Events!

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Urban Daddy Events in Manhattan

These events sold out and have run their course.
But stay tuned; we’ll be doing this type of promotion again.
…very soon.

Squad School 2

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Squad School II After Action Report!!!

We’re back and picking sticks out of our hair.
Don’t you wish that you were there?


Squad School is on UrbanDaddy

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Our friends over at UrbanDaddy featured us on their New York list. Read about it.

For a limited time only, we are running an Urban Self-Defense course with UrbanDaddy’s Perks. Get the details.


Squad School 1

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Our First Class!

They say “Pictures or it didn’t happen!”