Next Class: Pistols in Pennsylvania - April 11

Elite Survival

You’re not going to live in the woods off roots and herbs – forget that. You’re not a rabbit.  You need to get somewhere. It’s up to you to decide where you’re going and to make those arrangements. We’ll teach you how to make the dash.

In this 5-day workshop, you’ll learn REAL SKILLS so that if you should lose everything, you’ll be okay. Nothing wrong with knowing how to start a fire with two sticks, but we spend our time on contemporary elements of fieldcraft and patrol such as gear, concealment, observation, movement, effective deployment of resources, marksmanship, hydration, and shelter.

We expose some of the nonsense of many popular end-game scenarios and demonstrate what’s real when it comes to moving out with your team and conducting clandestine defensive operations in a dangerous environment, whatever you may imagine that environment to be.

We’ll show you how to lead a team so that when you go home you and your people will be better off. Should you find yourself alone, your new skills will lead you to a better situation.

We’re working on dates for the spring, but let us know if you’re interested now.