Next Class: Pistols in Pennsylvania - April 11

TUFF TURF Events in Manhattan

These events sold out and have run their course.
But stay tuned; we’ll be doing this type of promotion again.
…very soon.


In conjunction with and Westside Rifle and Pistol in Manhattan (, Squad School presented a self-defense, urban survival and marksmanship course on four consecutive Sunday afternoons.

First, experienced Martial Arts Instructor Michael Acosta (Focus MMA, Brooklyn) showed students how to disarm and immobilize an attacker, then we detailed rifle safety before bringing students to the range for fundamental marksmanship instruction.


The idea behind this course was to introduce students to a “survivalist mindset”, so they could be better prepared for potentially dangerous urban scenarios. Self-defense courses – beyond the obvious benefit – are a real confidence boost while our urban marksmanship courses are an important step for many city dwellers to chip away at the mystery, and help dissolve some of the unreasonable mythologies associated with firearms.


Students were encouraged to come back to Squad School or another training program and to continue improving their survival skills.


And what better way to spend an afternoon in the Big Apple? Stay tuned for more classes and promotions, in Manhattan, Long Island, upstate and other parts of the country!



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